my birthplace – sturgeon falls on fujifilm superia 400

i was born on january 17th, 1998 to my parents who lived in sturgeon falls, ontario in a small house on park street. the town at the time i lived there – from the ages of birth to 3 years old and again, from the ages of six to nine – had a desperately small population, an atmosphere that reminded me of the 80’s and 90’s, and a constant frigid chill in the air commonly present in northern ontario towns. sturgeon reminds me most, however, of my family, particularly my brothers and i playing video games on our N64’s, our gamecubes, our dreamcasts, and our PS1’s – days when all i had to worry about was how quickly i was able to clear ocarina of time or beat mirror cups on mario kart double dash.

despite the town’s dreary demeanor, lack of much to do, and dead end nature, i still have a soft spot for the community, happy to come back and visit anytime with my parents and siblings. walking through the streets i grew up on and had fond childhood memories within always places me in a special mindset, one only reserved for west nippising.

here are some photos i took of my trip in the first week of january documenting my visit to my (actual) hometown – sturgeon falls. enjoy!

double exposure of my brother’s cat in the back


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